3 comments on “Nobody Plays That!

  1. I’m only an amateur Magic player, yet I find a lotta players I see doing exactly what you describe. This isn’t a paint-by-numbers game, but so many people are doing exactly that. Boring and frustrating…

  2. Agreed. Textbook if at all possible is not the way to go unless there is no alternative. Going textbook gives away any advantage you might have in beating the environment playing something off textbook gives the chance to force judgment errors enough to steal games. That is mtg at it’s very best. Once the first spell is down you know what you are dealing with and the very astute or frustrated have planned as much hate as possible for the textbook they feel gives the most ire. Standard prior to M15 is an environment of four decks that have to be worked with and around. One is in diverging forms and three that haven’t in some time. The diverging form is naya aggro as i type the settled textbook is not out yet but it does dictate what to play as turn four kills are readily there and that is not what most people sitting against are there for, getting smashed in nine turns in two games by a deck they may have seen a list for but not seen the cards for.

    • Sometimes you even know the deck with the first play. In current standard it’s bee a turn 1 Hallowed Fountain tapped or Temple of Enlightment probably meant UWx control, and it was just a matter of waiting to see if a red or black land comes down to find out if a third color splash. Same with Stomping Grounds and Temple of Abandon showing a version of Monsters. And of course there’s the turn 1 basic swamp or basic island that screams a devotion deck. Can’t wait for Khans to change things up.

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