3 comments on “Best Cards Ever Made: Avacyn Restored Pre-release Edition!

  1. LOL i get the feeling that half of the people will see this as sarcasm, the other half will scratch their heads wondering whats going on and why these are good

  2. Well after playing this weekend at the pre-releases my list doesn’t change, but I was surprised to see Butcher Ghoul actually pulling its weight pretty decently, particularly its synergy with the sac outlet vampire (sac a creature: put a counter on it) and bone splinters. I also saw some people going the distance with Vorstclaw, considering how slow the format is and actually how few flicker effects were actually available in the sealed pools. I might need to push those down the list. I also opened 2 Atlases, so I see that it’s going to be this set’s miser pull for me.

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