8 comments on “Triumph of Ferocity: More than just a card?

  1. I dont think Garruk is too concearned about anything other than removing his curse… look at him, hes like zombie flesh – garruk. And I dont think the curse comes off by hurting liliana, I think she has to remove it
    {C’mon dude; dont you know that the only way to remove his curse, is for Garruk to rape Lilliana?}

    & its one part of the Innistrad story that actually isnt totally finished, and thats why they made two versions – like a choose your own adventure…. which IMO is obvious foreshadowing for a future story line and probably will relate to the next Garruk version being something like

    Garruk, essence of nature

    +1 destroy target curse or aura
    -2 put a 2/2 beast creature with lifelink onto the battlefield
    -7 destroy all non creature permanents

    starts at 5 loyalty counters

    Instead we got to meet two new planeswalker’s that just show up outta left field and have nothing to do with the story.

    The people who cried about this “ART” are fools. And fools dont piss me off. But the public apolagy in reaction to a bunch of fools does piss me off. Why do we let a bunch of fools get away with foolishness all the time? Tell them to grow up – seriously, whomever looked at this card and thought “RAPE SCENE” is sick – I never thought that, and probably never would have. I saw the struggle for a desperate situation where garruk is basically the one screwed here, He loses even is he wins the fight. And the black card just looks like he loses, again!

    The WOTC reaction was a sad day in crisis management history. They should have countered with the offense of the claim itself and put people in a position to take ownership of thier own twisted view points… When I started to read this article, I thought it was a bad joke.

    But the joke is the people who demanded to have thier ridiculous claim turned into an admitance of guilt.

  2. I really don’t like the double standards that this whole BS brings up. Like if the fact that if it was a guy in a submissive position it would be perfectly fine, and that apparently the less sexist thing to think is apparently that women are defenseless and can’t take care of themselves, even if they have the ability to melt someones skin off. Along with the fact that it would be fine if that was a guy, even though last I knew guys can also get raped. Although people wouldn’t have complained about that. So next time they want to depict a male planeswalker fighting a female it’s fine for her to be stabbing him in the face or something but he can only smack her in the face with a pillow or something like that? And yeah, I’m with thecardogre, they shouldn’t have apologized. Personally I would make more cards that had art with them tickle fighting just to lampshade the ridiculousness of their stupid incessant nagging.

    • Choose your own adventure’s are awesome. I actively sought to be killed in those books, instead of trying to win. I bet I’m not the only person who did that. Is anyone talented with those card maker programs that could make a card involving two Planeswalkers in a tickle and/or pillow fight? That sounds epic. +2 fluff your pillow. -3 Grab a second pillow. -10 ultimate you gain control of all pillows.

      • If I had artwork for it I totally could, ’cause what I have in mind is this like really serious scene of them facing off but instead of Garruk with his axe and Liliana with her fireball type thing they have pillows and are dead serious about it. So I guess the real question is, do you know any good artists? And those choose your own adventures are great, I finished a Goosebumps one with the best ending once in under 10 minutes. 😛

  3. Nah, disagree. I have always been a rooting for Garruk in terms of her Garruk-Lilliana conflict. Thus, I had to find away to refute your claim.

    Garruk’s blade will strike Lily in about .5 seconds or less, at which, it will penetrate her neck or face, instantly killing her considering Garruk’s unnatural strength. Lilliana’s foot does not appear to be in motion. Even if she was going for the balls kick, Garruk’s distance means her foot would be fully extended, thus the power of the kick greatly reduced. Seeing as how she can control the forces of life and death, I am guessing Lily has never had much physical training. So, her best option at this point is the fireball. Personally, I am not an adept at dark magic, so I really cant say what it would do if it hit Garruk. But I am guessing that she wont have much time to use it, and if she does launch it, her, the severe pressure and limited time will make for a hastily launched assault. In any case, if Lily’s magic were strong enough to save her in this situation, she easily could have killed Garruk long before this depiction.

  4. Liliana Vess is just about as far from helpless as it gets, she is one powerful mage. Also if you are going to have female characters as heroes of stories they are going to end up in fights. And one more thing look at Liliana’s face that is not a submissive face she is pissed and just about the set Garruk on fire.

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