2 comments on “Place your bets! Betting Lines on the Pro Tour

  1. And I’m not entirely sure, but I think doing this as a US resident might also violate some federal laws (although those are mostly on the site/bank that does a transfer for gambling purposes, like the poker sites that were raided last year). Aren’t I just a buzzkill!

    But Magic is an international game, so I’d suspect Asians and Europeans would go apeshat over this stuff.

  2. LEgal smeegGLE… geez.

    Anyhow – Isnt this the easiest fixer ever? Just be a pro good enough to be recognized and have the house take bets on you – then amp up the fact that your going to win. Get in there and “draw all lands” in round 5. & misplay round 6.

    Oh yeah, you bet $1000 against yourself.

    Seems pretty ridiculous – I wonder if they have a max bet of some sorts?

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