4 comments on “Judge not the deck but the Player – Blue-Red Fetters

  1. Here’s my updated list. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/grixis-fetters/

    I’ve made quite a few changes after playing a few tournaments and doing more testing. The first big change was to toss out Delvers altogether. They just don’t fit in the deck and 9/10 when I drew one I didn’t want it. I moved instead to a more control deck, adding whipflares and, and splashing black for some Doom Blades and Go for the Throat (and Sever the Bloodline in the board) to help matchups against Restoration Angel and Wolfir Silverheart (as well as Kessig Wolf Run Decks in general). This makes me feel good since a few weeks ago all I wanted was a deck that had Whipflare and Doom Blade in it.

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