7 comments on “And Soon Cometh the Banhammer Again

  1. You said this about u/w delver

    “6 out of the top 8 finishers packing the blue and white menace. The deck didn’t actually win the event, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to evaluating the health of a format.”

    I 100% disagree.

    First of all – if you play u/w delver you are a pansy, and IMO you are not playing to win, you are playing to save yourself from embaresment, and also preventing yourself from winning with honor/glory/bonus points/hordes of new fans & followers….. a bigger smile

    So what about the 2/8 decks that were not delver? And the deck that won… if it was played by 20% more people… would delver even be in the top 8?

    WOTC has not messed up on R&D or card creation, but rather people suck at MTG. At least the suck at thinking… 99% of MTG players are followers & have no clue as to how they can attribute to any facet of the hobby, other then to print a deck list and to show up at the events.

    My true opinion is that Delve ris fragile and could/should be losing to several RED DECKS (some have green stuff too.) and or HEARTLESS SUMMONING DECKS and or ANYTHING WITH TEZZERET IN IT.

    I did 6+ hours of playtesting last night. (with my secret test group!)

    They only decks that won in all five hours were

    u/b tezzeret-heartless summoning.
    Red artifact kuldotha koth. (has non red stuff in it like phyrexian mana cads)

    u/w delver won zero games – not even close actually… unless you count losing to a 6 point miracle bonfire (more than once) a close game – but we designed the RDW to run into those for the win…. (funny how it never got counterspelled when it was for lethal damage.)

    btw… I am the least, or maybe second least accomplished player in the group. Most everybody else has some sort of “championship title.”

    So when you see those decks that are the 1 or 2 of the top 8, and they win…. imagine “where the hell did that guy get the idea to play that?” or better yet… how can you find yourself a pair of balls and listen to your own ideas?

    • How many sideboarded games did you play out? Timely reinforcements is brutal in Delver against anything red, especially when the deck can Snapcaster it back again for another 6 life.

  2. timely reinforcments did jack*nothing for bonfire of the damned. I ran 3 bonfire and 1 revival. the other two had 3 bonfire + 3 revival (I now think I need at least 2 revival) – I also was boarding in slagstorm and whipflare which were both effective. I was running 4 vexing devil and the only thing I can say is that I was surprised about how blue was so eager to pay the 4 life for 2nd time in a game. (bad idea?) I actually think that should have been a game 2 lose – and match loss one of those times. The welllspring synergy and faithless looting can get cards (game winning cards) much faster then snapcaster can use mana leaks

  3. Okay delvers don’t need to be banned. In one game tonight I couldn’t get mine to flip after 2 Ponder whiff-and-shuffle and 5 blind reveals. 1/1s for U are fair.

  4. I think the big problem is that theres so many nut draws for delver, and when that deck nut draws it wins 100% of the time. As opposed to a nut draw from something else can be slowed or stopped, even having a turn 4 nut draw for wolfrun ramp can be stopped by 1 counter spell, delver like yea, seolve that titan… 5 times while im beating you with delvers and snappers

  5. Wow! U/W hoist the $15,000 check… nice how he got to play u/w 4 times to get there and not play the RUG pod deck that beat u/w delver 5 times…. until the final match.

    Im not upset over the final match – its just stupid to watch so many near exact copies of your deck get blown out by the rest of a otherwise diverse field and you and 3 buddies get to play mirror match lottery draw all day.

    Only if the RUG pod guy won……

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