One comment on “The Gruuling Wait for Gatecrash

  1. Went 3-2 last night, getting the opportunity to play against virtually every archetype I hadn’t played yet.

    Rnd 1 Naya Midrange (2-1) Close game 1, but no answer to Angel of Serenity really in the maindeck. g3 I chained Thragtusk while my opponent was stuck on 4 mana.

    Rnd 2 4color Bant control (2-0) game 1 my opp kept 3 hallowed fountains and double farseek and never saw a green source so it was smash smash. game 2 he verdict’d the board and planted Armada Wurm at 9 life, I had a Strangleroot Geist on board with a counter on it, and flipped over miracled bonfire for 7, finishing him off with the Geist.

    Rnd 3 American Control (0-2) game 1 I had him to 1 life before he chained Sphinx’s Revelation and it wasn’t even a game after that. game 2 I started with early Grafdigger’s Cages but never saw a plummet or artifact removal for the Restoration Angel equipped with Runechanter’s Pike

    Rnd 4 Junk Reanimator (0-2) I just roll over to the deck game 1 usually, which is what I did, losing turn 5 to Unburial Rites Clefthoof Behemoth and four Spirits; game 2 I had him locked down with grafdigger’s Cage so it became a regular Junk midrange battle. He double topdecked Thragtusk to stay alive, and Ultimate Price to kill my Hellkite that was going to be lethal next turn. I would have won if I ripped a land to power hellkite with enough Kessig Wolf Run, but was taunted by Farseek instead.

    Rnd 5 Red Deck Wins (2-0) I love this matchup, it’s almost a joke to play against as long as I have an early burn stopper and a Huntmaster or Thragtusk at some point in the game. Wasn’t even close.

    Ended in 10th place, since you needed 10 points to be in top8. Ah well, next time! Still a fun deck that at least has a shot against most of the decks in the format, especially post board.

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