5 comments on “We’re so good at this game!

  1. Mike, I would’ve snap kept that hand if you had one removal spell, like any island/steam vent/hallowed fountain turns your hand on completely.you also should think hard when evaluating your hand that if you redraw the same hand (a distinct possibility) but with one less, would you mull that six?

    • Yeah, you’re right. I’ve just had so much bad experience with all CIPT lands where they have been auto-loss, and I don’t like to play games where I’m thinking “if I only draw X, I’ll be okay.” I think my poker playing experience interfered with my decision-making here, since that kind of logic in poker causes you to lose all your money, where in this case it might have came out okay. At least it would have been INFINITELY better than the mulligan to 3 results.

    • Yep, pretty much. But it’s a long drive home when you crush your friend that early. It was also an attempt to make it so someone didn’t 0-2 drop while the other was still playing the rest of the day…but in hindsight it was just a shitty situation we should have sucked it up and played like real Magic players instead of acting like it’s a Stadium FNM.

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