What is Bad Magic Player?

Bad Magic Player is me.  I’ve been playing Magic: the Gathering since…well nobody knows the year they started playing, only the set they started…Urza’s block.  I learned at summer camp from a guy who had all the Urza’s Legacy pre-constructed decks, and I mainly used the blue-white one (the one with all the sweet enchantments like Pacifism and Hermetic Study!). I quickly moved up the ranks in the Mom’s Kitchen Table Circuit and won a few “Type 1” tournaments (which were basically kids bringing in slightly altered pre-cons) at the local card shop run by a hippie in his 40s who probably wished he’d spent his life as a groupie for Guns ‘N Roses (c’mon, we’ve all been to that store).   My first deck was a white weenie deck featuring my favorite card of all time, Mother of Runes (I take pride particularly in the one I had signed by Richard Garfield).

I haven’t stopped playing (sans a quick break between Champions of Kamigawa  and Time Spiral, but who didn’t want to quit Magic after Champions came out?), and I’ve only delved (pun intended) deeper into the game, finding every chance  I could to play Magic both casually and “competitively” ( read “0-2 dropped a bunch of PTQs). I read the ‘Big Three” strategy/store article sites (Starcitygames, TCGPlayer and ChannelFireball) on a daily basis, and refresh the Wizards Daily MTG homepage fanatically between 11:59pm and 12:01am 10:59 and 11:00am, especially during set preview weeks.  I play on Magic Online as username badmagicplayer.

Here are some of my Magic “acclaims” and statistics:

  • Personal best PTQ Record: 5-3 (lost my ‘win-and-in” by punting)
  • Number of US National (National tournaments were before the World Magic Cup was created) Grinders lost in the first round: 5
  • Fastest drop: scooped turn 4 of round 1, game 1 of an m12 sealed PTQ at GP Pittsburgh 2011
  • 2013 Maryland State Champ (Standard Format)part of “the 2013’s” state tournament series. 
  • Most commonly played color: red (that should tell you something right there about how bad I am) blue (I’m reforming!)
  • Most disliked color: blue red
  • Rules Arguments won: 2.5
  • Broken sleeves: infinite, I can’t shuffle for crap
  • Favorite Format: EDH (it is NOT Commander!)

I am truly a Bad Magic Player, and have come to terms with it.  I am such a bad magic player that I figured I should share my crappiness with the world.  That is what Bad Magic Player is all about.  I’ll talk about cards I like that everyone seems to think is dumb, disclose some of my biggest play mistakes (this is NOT a football blog, despite the word ‘punt’ being all over it), and discuss things I don’t understand about the game, like weird rules and card interactions. It’s ultimately a place to process the things I find interesting about my favorite game.

When I’m not being a Bad Magic Player, I’m a licensed and practicing health insurance and employment relations attorney living in the Detroit, Michigan, area. (I am literally a rules lawyer!)

Feel free to write me about suggestions or thoughts to improve my articles, badmagicplayer@gmail.com. You can also follow me on Twitter @badmagicplayer and visit the Facebook page.

Don’t Punt!

9 comments on “What is Bad Magic Player?

  1. Funny thing, you call “EDH” as such, and not commander, yet you say people who call standard, “type 2”, wrong…

    pretty illogical if you ask me

    • Haha touche. I was merely trying to be funny, I was one of the people that took a long time to make the switch to just calling it Standard, and the store I play it still says calls it a Type 2 tournament most of the time.

  2. hey mike got your card yesterday at SCGO balt. thought i would check out the site. seems cool. what is your favorite card in standard right now?

  3. Thanks for checking the site out Al, it was nice meeting and playing with you on Saturday. In terms of what’s “good” in Standard, my favorite is probably Thundermaw Hellkite. So much raw hasty power that fits in all kinds of decks – aggro, midrange, and control. The real favorite though is between Awaken the Ancient (I love giant red monsters, plus I’m sort of a red giant myself with my ginger-colored hair and being 6’6), and Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius.

    Like I said during the match, I’m going to be sad to see Vampire Nighthawk rotate out next month. I didn’t really play much with it this Standard, but I was a big fan of the monoblack vampires deck it was in when the card was first printed in Zendikar.

    • Funny story involving RPS from an event the other day: Two players were using the RPS cards to determine play/draw, and a judge came over and told them that the player who owns the cards must be the player who picks first. The judge was worried that the player who owned the cards could know which card was which, and by knowing what the other player picked, he could choose the trump card. The acceptable alternative I use is having the other player “deal” out a card randomly to each of us, so he/she completely determines the outcome without my input.

    • I played with them tonight at a GPDC side event, and people love that stuff (at least for the most casual events). I’ve never tried to use RPS cards in a competitive event….hmm wonder what the response would be.

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