Disclaimers and Junk

Disclaimer of Ownership to the Intellectual Property of Others

Often my posts will include images that are the intellectual property of others and not mine, and I do not lay any claim of ownership to such images.  I will do my best to give proper credit to those images used and aim not to use restricted material or images in any way without permission, outside of images and other property out in the public domain. Any similarities in article subjects, content angles, or image usage to other sites or publications are purely coincidental unless otherwise credit is given.

If you wish for an image to be removed due to copyright, trademark, or other legal basis, please contact me immediately at badmagicplayer@gmail.com and I will cooperate as fully as I can.

Disclaimer of Ownership to Official Magic: The Gathering Intellectual Property

Magic:the Gathering, the mana symbols and any other official game images including card art remain the property of Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast, and I lay no claim of ownership to them.  Any use of Magic: the Gathering property including but not limited to card images, logos, or symbols, are for illustrative purposes only and use of such is not to be construed as any attempt to claim any official approval, support, or sponsorship from Wizards of the Coast.

Images featuring Wizards of the Coast’s intellectual property that have been edited (read: photoshopped) should be considered, at most, parody.  I have no intention to degrade, libel, or in any other way harm the game of Magic the Gathering, especially given how much I have appreciated and enjoyed its existence for nearly 15 years.

Claim of Ownership to Original Content

Outside of material included above, I lay claim of ownership to the original content contained within postings and claim them as my own creation unless otherwise noted.  If you believe that I have misquoted or misappropriated material, please contact me immediately at badmagicplayer@gmail.com

General Philosophy and Content Use of Bad Magic Player.com

This site is intended for humorous and informative purposes relating the playing of the trading card game Magic:the Gathering, produced by Wizards of the Coast (www.wizards.com).  This blog is based on my personal observations and experiences as a quasi-competitive and casual Magic player.  Permission to share the site’s content in any form is granted conditionally on the premise that sharing parties will provide adequate credit to those with whom the content is shared.

Questions, Comments, and Concerns

Feel free to contact me, Michael Haynes, at badmagicplayer@gmail.com, or on Magic Online username badmagicplayer

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